Scientific program


- Fundamentals of supercritical state of the substance; theory and modeling
- Physical methods of SCF research; analysis and diagnostics; methodological aspects
- Development of catalysts with compounds in SCF, catalysis, organic and inorganic synthesis
- SCF-based green chemistry processes, environmental protection and waste utilization
Recovery of CO2 and natural raw materials (mineral, hydrocarbon, and renewable types); power industry problem
- Technologies for SCF application:

  • Synthesis and modification of functional materials
  • Pharmacy, cosmetology, medicine
  • Food production processes and foodstuffs


Types of presentations:

- Plenary lectures (up to 40 min long)
- Presentations of guest lecturers (up to 30 min long)
- Oral presentations (up to 20 min long)
- Oral presentations of young scientists (up to 10 min long)
- Poster session

The conference will also include the III All-Russian Youth Scientific School "Environmentally Friendly Technologies of Waste Processing for Obtaining New Materials and Energy Carriers" and the XIV All-Russian School-Conference of Young Scientists "Supercritical Fluid Technologies for Solving Environmental Problems".

Official languages of the conference: Russian and English.


The digital version of the conference proceedings will be available on the conference website before the opening of the conference.

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