Tver is quite rightly called one of the most ancient Russian cities. The fortress that appeared in the mouth of the Tvertsa River as early as the first third of the XII century was to become the predecessor of modern Tver. In 1246 Tver was made the capital of the Tver dukedom and by the late XIII - early XIV centuries it had turned into a large center of crafts and trade. The city growth reached its peak in the late XIX century, with factories and plants built all over the area. And in the early XX century Tver was already a city with a wide array of industrial enterprises. Today Tver is a large administrative, industrial and cultural center of the Upper Volga area, capital of the Tver region.

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 The conference will be held in the business-center Tver (Tver, Smolensky pereulok, 29) and in Tver State Technical University.

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